Day after day we see how the countries are pumping money into the banks ruined by their own greed. The ordinary people see themselves loosing their savings and homes and being fired from their jobs. The youth has no clear future, the neighbourhoods are withering, education and health are being privatised. We from 15M say: Stop this outrage, they should pay their crises; not one more sweat  drop for the Banks; no more families evicted because of their crisis; it’s the time for the banks to work for Europe. For us the objective of the ECB should not be to support a strong Euro to benefit the big exporters (see table I.8).

We demand that the main goal of the European System of Central Banks’s main goal should be to achieve full employment.

On the occasion of the meetings to be held in Brussels, in Short-term Politics Workgroup of Sol we have agreed an action for the European framework. This is a European Citizen Initiative (ECI) in order to change the European System of Central Banks (ESCB), an agency which manages the European Central Bank. The ECI is a participative democracy’s tool which enables citizen-lead legislation initiatives for European treaties.

Banks should work for us, politics should not be at the service of the markets.